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Frankton Kitchen


– Increase storage
– Make the kitchen feel bigger
– Space for seating
– Hide the boiler
– Contemporary design

What We Did

– Added pull out larders and deep drawers
– 900mm high wall units
– Light high gloss doors
– Polished granite worktops
– Hid the boiler in a wall unit
– Accented the design
– Contrasting high gloss doors with wood to accent key features
– Added breakfast bar

We are really delighted with the end result and also the way that the whole project has been handled.

We set out with the intention of handing over responsibility for the project to you. It was really good to get a programme of work in advance. Even better was that we were kept informed and consulted in advance of any changes to plan. Changes were relatively minor and actually worked in our favor. It was reassuring that all of the trade’s people seemed to actually talk to each other and work together. For my part it was really helpful to keep in touch with you via email.

Steve and Fred have been absolutely brilliant. Very professional and with a real eye for detail and an obvious passion for excellence – in our experience something which is very rare these days. Nothing was ever too much trouble – actually they went the extra mile.

Tim Turner did a great job with the floor and Chris Dunn got the electric board move done without any hassle.

We are very happy for you to take photographs. I’m usually around in the afternoons. Give me a call on my mobile to let me know when you want to pop round.

And so finally the question – Would we recommend RFK? And the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.